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So enjoyed this, awesome!!

D. Dawson

It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I saved it in Books!!❤️

K. Gabriel

I'm 42 pages in already and can't stop! This is amazing! 🙂 I will finish it tomorrow for sure! So proud of your hard work!

L. Courtney

Wonderful work. I had the privilege of working with you at the Reference desk for several years. You were always considered the "Librarian's Librarian" I recall the time we had a teacher and her class of teens from the VoTec school. After they departed I was exhausted and told you that I could never be a teacher. You turned to me and said, "We are teachers". That was an Aha moment for me and I carried that idea with me for the rest of my career. Thank you.

C. O'Neil

Amazing, I am so proud of your willingness to be vulnerable and transparent. You lend strength to others who read your story and it gives us courage to do the same. Love ya girl.

J. Brastrom

 I am already on Chapter Four. WOW, I had to pull myself away to make dinner!!!! 

K. DiFabio

I read it and enjoyed it very much! I will have to share my own experiences with a craft back in the '70s.

P. J. Coble

I loved the chapter called "Older than Dirt".

J. J. Genty

Of course you can quote me!

I just finished your book...WOW! What an interesting life you've experienced. I have always been a believer in spiritual realms, past lives, the mystery of coincidences, and signs from above...I have always loved books on "spirituality". I thoroughly loved reading your book. Thank you for sharing your story.

S. Nasta

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